When it comes to wedding and/or anniversary gifts it can feel a bit dull to choose something from a couple’s registry. Even if the couple ask for a new toaster or mushroom brush you may want to get a more personal gift that speaks from your heart. If you want a gift that shows the couple how much they mean to you, personalize or customise your gift so your message is clear to them.
A gift that celebrates the couples union and gives them an opportunity to continue the celebration of their love and commitment to each other in the years ahead is a perfect gift. Our suggestions are below but we also suggest you to check these great suggestions for presents at weddinggiftideas.co – the website is full of great offers.

A treasure chest

treasure-chestBuy a wooden chest box that you can store a selection of their favorite wines or specialist beers to be shared on significant wedding anniversaries in the future. Have the box engraved with their names and the date of their wedding. inside the lid etch the name of each different wine or beer and the wedding anniversary on which it is to be opened. Not only will the couple be able to toast their anniversary in these years, but they will have a beautiful box to dress their home. You can fill a box with any themed set of gifts that you like. You can buy boxes in all shapes and sizes that companies can engrave for you.

Capture the moments

If you have a photograph of the couple that you know they will adore, have it enlarged onto canvas so they can hang this on their wall. If you have several photographs of the couple, try and include one from their engagement party if they had one. Make a collage or buy a multi-frame. Have their names engraved at the top of the frame and the date of their wedding on the base.

The couples’ story

love-storyGet together a list of all the friends and family who know the bride and groom as a couple. Create a photo-book account online and send out a request to those on the list for photographs of the couple. There is space for text so you can include the date and place the picture was taken, what the occasion was and any stories the person submitting the photo wants to share. You may want to give people the opportunity to add their personal message to the couple to wish them well for their future together. If you do not have contact details for everyone on your list, use social media or specialist finding friends and family websites.

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There are plenty of Android apps that are out there today that will help people find romantic love in the first place. There are also plenty of Android apps that will help people enrich the romantic love that they already have. People who are in couples can currently enjoy any of the following romantic Android apps on their phones:

1. Couplete

Here is an app that will allow couples to keep their calendars in sync for the sake of dates and which will help them share photos, love letters, and their versions of their relationship narratives. It has been installed between five hundred thousand and a million times and it has over a four-star rating.

2. Free Greetings Cards

Using this app, people can quickly put together special holiday cards using photos. It has received between one hundred thousand and five hundred thousand downloads and its rating is above four stars, indicating widespread customer satisfaction. People have reported that this app managed to stop them from spoiling holidays by allowing them to create and send cards at the last minute.

3. Avocado

Here is another app that will allow people to share pictures, lists, and even little romantic drawings that much more easily. It allows couples to communicate more easily and schedule all sorts of important dates more easily. The app has received between one million and five million downloads and it carries a rating of nearly exactly four stars.

4. Loving – Couple Essential

People will be able to share voice and text messages more privately using this app, which has the advantage of being entirely free. This app has been downloaded between one hundred thousand and five hundred thousand times and has a solid four-star rating. People will be capable of sending so many messages for free that the app couldn’t be more cost-effective.


Wedding dress and make up games are some of the most popular apps for Android phones today. Lots of people like to be able to play around with different types of makeup and wedding dress styles. These kinds of apps let them experiment, playing with dolls in a whole new way.

Wedding Dress Up & Make Up Games for Android

1. Dress Up – Wedding

This app gives people five different potential bride and groom pairs to choose from, and people can change their clothes, jewelry, surroundings, and the music around them. The app has received between one million and five million downloads, and it has just under a four-star rating.

2. Wedding Preparation Salon

Using this app, people can take the bride in the game and change her hairstyle, makeup, and wedding gown. The app is available to everyone and it has been downloaded between one million and five million times. It has just over a four-star rating and has received mostly five-star reviews.

3. Party Girl Makeover

With this app, players can give the girls a party girl look when it comes to their clothes, makeup, and hairstyles. The app received a rating of just under four stars, and it has been installed between one million and five million times. Some customers have complained about the lack of hair colors, but the innovative styles available more than make up for that.

4. Barbie Magical Fashion

Players won’t just be able to make Barbie look like a princess with this app. They can use hair styling, makeup, outfits, and accessories to make this Barbie almost anything. It’s an app that takes the common childhood experience of playing with Barbies and puts it onto a phone. This app has been downloaded an astonishing ten million to fifty million times, and it has a rating of nearly four stars.